We invite abstract submissions for oral and poster presentations in all areas of electret research including but not limited to the topics relevant to ISE 2019. We also invite panel proposals that cover contemporary topics in a lively and insightful discussion. Proposals for panel discussions must be submitted to the Chair of ISE 2019 before 08 January, 2019.

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Templates for Abstract Submission

Symposium Topics

The ISE 2019 topics include but are not limited to:

  • Charge related phenomena in dielectrics (injection, storage, transport, trapping, measurements)
  • Dielectric and space charge relaxations in polymers and organics
  • Dielectric and electrical responses of dielectrics to high electric fields
  • Dielectric relaxation spectroscopy
  • Energy storage in dielectrics and ionic materials
  • Thermally stimulated phenomena
  • Electrets for energy harvesting: principle, design, characterization and applications
  • Piezo-, pyro- and ferroelectrets
  • Electrocaloric and pyroelectric materials
  • Piezo-electric phenomena in polymers and organics/biomaterials
  • Applications of organic and polymer based piezoelectric materials
  • Electrets and functional polymers in organic electronics
  • Optical effects, photoelectrets
  • Electrostatic and dielectric phenomena in life sciences – bioelectrets
  • Soft transducers: sensors and actuators, including dielectric elastomers
  • Nanoscale electrostatic, dielectric and electret materials
  • Electret and dielectric phenomena in nanoscale structures
  • Bioelectrets and bioapplications
  • Electrets and additive manufacturing
  • Characterisation of electrets and related devices

Abstract Submissions

Abstract submission and Registration open: 23 November 2018.

Abstract submission deadline: 15 March 2019.

Notification of acceptance of abstract: 15 May 2019.

Abstracts must be submitted through the Call for Papers submission site