To respect other speakers and maintain the schedule,
time discipline is compulsory

Invited Speakers

Invited speakers have been allocated 30 minutes for their presentations including questions and answers.

Suggested Timing:
Presentation: 20 minutes
Question and Answer: 10 minutes

Oral Presentation

Oral presentation speakers have been allocated 15 minutes for their presentations including questions and answers.

Suggested Timing:
Presentation: 12 minutes
Question and Answer: 3 minutes

Young Researcher Forum Presentation

Speakers in the young researcher forum have been allocated 5 minutes for their presentations including brief question and answer.

Suggested Timing:
Presentation: 4 minutes
Question and Answer: 1 minute

Optional: Poster presentation to enable extended discussion

In order to facilitate a fuller discussion of the work presented in the young researcher forum, speakers of this forum are also welcome to present a poster for the same abstract.

Posters should be prepared following the guidelines for poster presentation below.

Poster Presentation


  • Posters should be prepared as size A0 in portrait orientation.
  • Poster presenters are responsible for the printing and transport of posters to the conference.

Poster Details
Size: A0
Dimensions [width x height]: 841 x 1189 mm

Dimensions [width x height]: 33.1 x 46.8 in.
Orientation: Portrait


  • Posters will be assigned a number prior to the session, and should be hung on the corresponding numbered poster board.
  • Poster presenters should hang their posters the morning of the poster session. Materials to hang posters will be provided.
  • All posters should be removed at the end of the poster session.

Please note: The display of posters deviating from the guidelines for preparation above cannot be guaranteed.